Rwanda Safaris & Gorilla Trekking tours  – Welcome to Rwanda! Although the gorillas are a must-see, the quilt-like “Land of a Thousand Hills” offers a lot more. In the vertiginous cloud forests of Nyungwe Forest National Park, head southwest on switchback roads to track chimpanzees and see spectacular birdlife. Swim or kayak in Lake Kivu’s smooth, warm waters, which have a Mediterranean-like shoreline. Alternatively, travel east to Akagera National Park’s famous savannahs and lakes, where you can see the “Big Five,” as well as the elusive shoebill stork (if you’re lucky).

A close encounter with one of the remaining families of mountain gorillas in the thick forests of Volcanoes National Park is Rwanda’s Wildlife safari highlight – also considered one of the best safari encounters in the entire globe. In all Rwanda Safaris, you will find Rwanda gorillas amazing and adorable when they are communicating, relating, playing, and taking care of each other.

They seem to be people of another kind, not animals, as you watch a lounging silverback tolerating the toddlers tumbling around him, or a breastfeeding mother adjusting the weight of her child and peering up in bemusement through the trees at a high-altitude plane.

This is what some of the Rwanda safaris travelers say;

“It was worth every penny and hour spent in airports and planes to see the sights, sounds, people, animals, and geography.

Every time I think about our gorilla trek, I get goose bumps.” “It was absolutely incredible. I’m so happy we went for two days in a row because we got to see two gorilla families.





This is a great tour to meet Rwanda’s gorillas plus engaging in-game drives coupled with aquatic encounters through a Kazinga …



This is a great tour to meet Rwanda’s gorillas plus engaging in-game drives coupled with aquatic encounters through a Kazinga …



This is a great tour to meet Rwanda’s gorillas plus engaging in-game drives coupled with aquatic encounters through a Kazinga …



This is a great tour to meet Rwanda’s gorillas plus engaging in-game drives coupled with aquatic encounters through a Kazinga …



This is a great tour to meet Rwanda’s gorillas plus engaging in-game drives coupled with aquatic encounters through a Kazinga …



This is a great tour to meet Rwanda’s gorillas plus engaging in-game drives coupled with aquatic encounters through a Kazinga …

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When is the best time to visit Rwanda?

Rwanda safari trips can be taken at any time, though the right time depends on your personal interests as well as your tolerance for rainy weather. The bulk of tourists come to Rwanda for gorilla trekking, which is open all year. However, trekking in the Virunga Mountains, home to the gorillas, can be challenging due to the wet climate – particularly during the rainy season (March, April, October and November). The driest months (June to August) are suitable for gorilla trekking in Rwanda, and hiking in Nyungwe Forest National Park is also recommended during these months.

Most primates can be seen in Nyungwe at any time of year, but chimps are easier to track during the rainy season because they prefer to move further into the forest when food becomes scarce. Having said that, if you have decent weatherproof clothing and don’t mind getting wet on occasion, the Wet season months can be beneficial because they are less busy and lodges also provide cheaper prices. Obtaining gorilla permits is even better during the rainy season.

Why Safari Rwanda, what are the major attractions?

Rwanda is a lovely little country best remembered for the 1994 genocide. The positive news is that the country has completely emerged from this tragic incident and is now very stable and tourism-friendly. Throughout this difficult period, Rwandan officials managed to keep their gorillas protected, and watching these gentle giants has become one of Africa’s biggest attractions. So, trekking mountain gorillas is by far the most popular tourist attraction in Rwanda, and most visitors come for that purpose alone, mostly combining a safari in Kenya or Tanzania with a few days in Rwanda. In Rwanda, though, there is plenty more to see and do than go gorilla trekking.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is also worth seeing. This stunning high-altitude forest is surprisingly open and home to 13 primate species, including chimps. Rwanda’s sole savannah sanctuary is Akagera National Park. It does not equate to the Serengeti or the Masai Mara, but this scenic park has a lot to give in terms of desert charm, and it is also home to the Big Five, thanks to recent reintroductions.”

Rwanda gorilla trekking price

Mountain gorilla trekking is not inexpensive. Rwanda doubled the expense of a gorilla trekking visa in 2017, taking the current cost to US$1500. The reason for the high fee is that there are only eight habituated gorilla groups in Volcanoes National Park that tourists can access, and each group can only be visited by a maximum of eight tourists per day. As a result, there is a daily limit of 64 permits. Is it really worth it? It is surely worth any penny if you can afford it. How do you place a price on such an incredible trip, which many people who have done it have described as a travel highlight of their lives?

How is the wildlife viewing in Rwanda?

A Rwanda safari is unlike most traditional East African safari vacations. Most of the activities involve hiking through rainforests. Away from gorillas, other primates can be tracked, such as chimpanzees and golden monkeys. Having both of these primates is a satisfying experience, but it pales in comparison to a safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

Reanda Safaris to Akagera National Park in a more traditional way can be included in longer Rwanda vacations. In the past, human encroachment and poaching wreaked havoc on Akagera, but due to African Parks’ determination, this is now largely under regulation. Animals are always wary, but you’ll have to try a little longer to see them.

How safe is Rwanda for tourists?

Despite having seen genocide in the past, Rwanda is a peaceful destination. There have been no incidents since the genocide took place 24 years ago. Rwanda now seems to be a well-run government, with people who are generous and polite in general. Many citizens have returned to Rwanda after years of exile, giving the nation a cosmopolitan feel due to the fact that many of the returnees have studied abroad. As in every developing country, crime is linked to poverty, and tourists to cities and metropolitan areas can exercise standard safety measures. If you book Rwandan gorilla trekking tours with a trustworthy company, none of this should be an issue.

On a Rwanda safari, what kind of lodging can I expect?

Since its early days of safari tourism 15 to 20 years ago, Rwanda has come a long way. Many of the major tourist destinations also have excellent lodging options. There are now tourist-class hotels in or near Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, and Akagera National Park, where there were once just a few local guesthouses. Several tiny, exclusive safari lodges, which are uncommon in more conventional safari countries, have opened in recent years. This should help put Rwanda on the map for repeat African visitors looking for a traditional safari vacation.

What can I expect from an African safari in Rwanda?

While Akagera National Park is growing in popularity as a savannah safari destination, Rwanda safaris are not on par with those available in Kenya, Tanzania, and Botswana. As a result, the term “safari” can be a little confusing. The majority of tourists come to Rwanda for rain-forest activities such as gorilla and chimpanzee trekking, volcanic walks, and bird-watching. Mountain gorillas are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, and most people leave in awe of these majestic gentle giants living their lives in this breathtaking rain-forest setting. It is an utter honor to spend an hour with them.

As a result of this, and since gorilla trekking has become more well-known in recent years, Rwanda gorilla trekking has become a must-do experience for many ordinary visitors. The other events are geared toward the more adventurous traveler. Since the country receives a lot of rain over the year, you’ll be walking a lot on slick woodland paths and will get soaked a few times. Due to the regular cap on gorilla visas, tourist numbers are usually low everywhere you travel, giving you a sense of exclusivity and exploration. Rwandans are immensely proud of their country and extend a warm welcome to all visitors

About Rwanda Tourism

Rwanda is Africa’s leading tourist destination, offering a diverse variety of exclusive adventure experiences. With its rapidly increasing tourism industry, the nation is now unquestionably the best choice for a true safari experience. Its tourism fraternities have significantly added to the ever-increasing appeal of nature lovers from all over the world who fly to see some of the world’s most difficult-to-find natural wonders. Gorilla and chimp trekking, golden monkey hunting, Kigali city guide, nature walks, Dian Fossey grave climb, wildlife watching, and many other exciting activities are available in Rwanda.

Below are some of the different tourism activities one can enjoy while on a Rwanda safaris holiday;-

Mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park attracts more than half of the overall number of tourists who visit this “country of a thousand hills,” and there have been notable improvements in the tourism industry. This country has one of the largest populations of these primates, all of which are concentrated in a single park, providing trekkers with the best location for the sport. This fascinating task entails searching for rare monkeys in the tropical rain forests of Volcanoes National Park.

The journey is worthwhile because one spends a whole day with the gorillas and has the ability to take direct pictures of the great apes. Before going on a Rwanda gorilla safari trip, make sure you have your gorilla tracking permit because you won’t be able to see the primates if you don’t have one. In Rwanda, a gorilla permit costs USD1500 and is distributed at the Rwanda Development Board’s offices. Tourists are urged to seek licenses ahead of time to prevent delays and to avoid the competition that comes with obtaining them.

Dian Fossey Grave Hike; Situated in Volcanoes National Park, the late popular primatologist Dian Fossey’s grave is one of the country’s main attractions. These are situated at a high elevation in the park, necessitating a walk, which is normally planned as an extra tourism attraction. This site has increased in popularity, and many travelers and researchers visit Rwanda with the goal of visiting the graves. While on this walk, tourists may come across gorillas, golden monkeys, and squirrels in the park.

Golden Monkey Tracking; – Just like gorilla trekking, Golden monkey tracking, takes place in the tropical rainforests of Volcanoes National Park. This is an adventurous journey that takes you through dense forests in search of primates in their natural habitats. Their one-of-a-kind personalities and hard-to-find habits add to the adventure’s intrigue and beauty.

Chimp Tracking; Chimpanzees can be seen in Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park. These great apes are fascinating to see in groups because they have many of the same characteristics and attitudes as humans. For that reason, chimpanzees are also referred to – man’s closest relative.

Kigali City Tour; – A Kigali City Tour brings a Rwanda safari to life. This city is one of Africa’s cleanest and best-planned cities, and a trip along some of its streets is an exciting adventure that allows visitors to meet and greet some of the locals.

Wildlife tours, nature hikes, bird watching, boat trips, and many other fun tour experiences can be enjoyed when on a Rwanda tour.

Rwanda Gorilla Families/group in Volcanoes National Park

Mountain gorillas also climb higher in the dry season and descend during the rains, they can switch due to pressure from wild gorillas, and individuals will often join other groups.
It is possible to apply to meet a particular group of gorillas once you arrive at the park headquarters, although this is never assured.
In Volcanoes National Park, these are some of the gorilla groups that are actually habituated for gorilla safaris:

The Susa Group was the largest, with 41 members, including three silverbacks, when it was first studied by Dian Fossey.
The initial group was dubbed the Kurira Group after the dominant silverback, and it split in 2009.
It can be a difficult trek to meet the Susa groups high on Mount Karisimbi during the summer months, but it’s well worth the effort because of their size and the fact that they have twins, which is a very unusual occurrence in the world of gorillas.

The Karisimbi Group, which split from the Susa Group in 2009, also resides in Volcanoes National Park’s Mt. Karisimbi area and is suitable for more severe hikers.
Both of these groups can require a full day of hiking.
In 2012, the party split into two.

The Isimbi Group was formed after the Karisimbi Group split up, and it consists of about 13 individuals who live with Muturengere, the dominant silverback.

The Sabyinyo Group is made up of approximately 16 individuals, including two silverback gorillas, one of which, Guhonda, is the park’s largest.
The community is typically found between Sabyinyo and Gahinga, near the edge of the fore (about 20–40 minutes’ walk).

Agashya Group, formerly known as Group Thirteen, was renamed after Agashya, the dominant silverback, defeated Nyakairima in 2010.
The Sabyinyo Group is typically close by, but the group can travel far and wide.
It is home to about 20 gorillas.

The Amahoro Group, which has around 18 members, and the Umubano Group, which has 12 members, usually live between the Karisoke and Bisoke peaks.Both are usually further away from the headquarters than the Sabyinyo and Agasha groups, but easier to reach than the Susa Group.

The Kwitonda Group, which has up to 28 members, originated in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
They crossed the Rwandan border in 2005, were carefully monitored, and are now being visited on a regular basis, despite having a much broader range than other groups.
Because of his gentle nature, their dominant silverback Kwitonda, which means “humble one,” was a favorite of the trackers.
He passed away in 2012, and silverback Akarevuro now reigns supreme.

The Hirwa Group, which means ‘lucky,’ consists of about 19 gorillas who previously belonged to the Agashya and Sabyinyo groups.
One silverback and one of only a few remaining pairs of mountain gorilla twins, Isango Gakuru and Isango Gato, are part of the tribe.

The Bwenge Group, named after their silverback, has 11 members and can be a challenging trek, as can the Ugende Group, whose name means “on the move” since its 11 members often relocate.


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