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Friendly Gorillas Ltd was born out of a deep passion for Uganda and a desire to share the beauty of Uganda – The Pearl of Africa with the world. It is of course undoubted that Uganda is unparalleled to any country in the world, and that tourism is the one great hope to sustaining our wilderness and developing communities most in need.

Friendly Gorillas Ltd specializes on bespoke Uganda Gorilla safari tours to Bwindi Impenetrable and Mghainga National Parks. Our journeys are all about making you have remarkable holidays as you encounter the amazing Ugandan beauty. Our Safari specialists put together their wide-ranging destination awareness and immediate proficiencies to create the most incomparable journeys.

We pride ourselves on having passionate, friendly, and well-experienced team members with a deep understanding and knowledge of Uganda after working with several tour operators and handling numerous travelers in and outside Uganda.

Our distinguished exploring capabilities handpicked Safari guides and broad network of travel associates certifies that we are also talented to combine the most impressive and astonishing experiences that comprehend the very finest of Uganda’s most award-winning Safari holidays.

The agency is experienced in translating into reality, your natural desires to discover a country unknown by its nature and to meet local people, sometimes off the beaten paths safely. It’s all about “YOU” the customer, we understand what it takes to deliver quality and make you happy.

We operate mainly Gorilla/Wildlife tours in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya & Tanzania.

Friendly Gorillas Safaris is well represented on Safaribookings and Tripadvisors


The vision of Friendly Gorillas Ltd is to develop an indigenous tour company that provides authentic African safaris.

We seeks to provide a first-rate flexible service to its customers and promote the image of East Africa as a matchless tourism destination in the world.

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Gil Chris De Los Reyes
Gil Chris De Los Reyes
Great trip with our guide Tony.
Our guide/driver Tony was great and made our trip wonderful. He took the time to ear our meals with us to go over the trip plans and answer any questions we had.

The gorilla hike was amazing and definitely recommend it, the rangers were really helpful and great. Once in a lifetime trip and recommend doing it with Tony and Friendly Gorilla Safaris, they made our trip memorable.

Once in a lifetime trip with our awesome tour guide Tony, definitely recommend it!!
Tony, our driver and tour guide, was absolutely wonderful. Not only is he a kind high-character person, he is very knowledgeable about Uganda and really took the time to answer all of our questions. Tony took the time to go the extra mile to ensure our entire trip was special, and to show us his culture and beautiful country. Every minute, from when arrived early to pick us up to when he helped us with our luggage at the airport at the end of our trip, we felt completely taken care of by Tony. Friendly Gorilla Safaris was wonderful, from Anthony promptly responding to all of our emails and questions, to Tony making our trip great. Definitely recommend them!

The Gorilla hike was absolutely amazing and a once in a lifetime experience, I could not recommend it enough! You have to do this tour and you have to ask for Tony to make it even more wonderful.

A couple tips:
- Ensure that the hotel is close to where your permitted hike is located. I did not know that there are 5 locations where you can hike to see the Gorillas, depending on where your permit is for. Double check that the hotel you stay at is convenient to your permit hike site. Our hotel was the Rushaga Gorilla Havens Lodge, which was absolutely Wonderful and you can check out my review of them, and they are close to one of the hiking sites but it turned out that our permit was for another location so we had a 2 hour drive in the morning to get to our permit hiking site. It made for an especially early morning and a closer hotel to our hike would have been nice. Though the Rushaga really was wonderful.
- If there is a way to choose where you hike and what group of gorillas to see then you should 100% ask for the Nyakagezi group. That is the group we visited, and it was Amazing. The hike was only about 1.5 hour to see the family of gorillas which had 3 silverbacks and 2 babies. The rangers we were with were all lovely. They were so helpful to ensure we got amazing views and photos of the gorillas, and they answered all of our questions. We felt completely safe with them and had a wonderful time.

Once in a lifetime trip with our awesome tour guide Tony, definitely recommend it!!

Mark M
Mark M
Timely responses and fair price
If you are a first-time traveler like me and planning to visit Africa for the first time, you have an idea of the fears i had.

Thankfully, Anthony from Friendly Gorillas did an amazing job for me. I asked him over and over but he never got tired of me and kept encouraging me with detailed testimonials and information that made me finally decide to go to Uganda.

During te tour, our guide Chis did us really good. He was knowledgable and explained to us several facts that broadened our Gorilla experience. The fears that I initially dad all went and we concluded our trip with total satisfactions.

I advise you to use Friendly safaris when planning your trip to Uganda even if you are a first time traveller or solo tourist.

thank you Anthony & Chris 🙂

Short but exceptional tour we had
We initially wanted to visit Uganda and Kenya but due to an emergency change in our travel plan, we decided to go to Uganda only. The experiences we had were more than we expected. I and my girlfriend really enjoyed the 3 days tour with Friendly Safaris. Our guide Ronald was very skilled and made sure we were totally satisfied.

The Uganda maize is something you MUST test when you visit Uganda.

We tracked gorillas from Rushaga which I find to be the best and most recommended region you should choose from.

thanks, friendly.

Trevas P
Trevas P
Magnificient Uganda gorilla trip with once in a life time Rolex dinner
I and my girlfriend decided to go to Uganda foe a honeymoon and the choice to use Friendly Gorillas was the best.

Ronald our safari guide was very friendly, knowledgable and above all flexible. he took us through out our stay in Uganda and made our Gorilla encounter pretty amazing.

We enjoyed the Kampala Rolex at one of the best restaurants in Uganda - Cafe Javas. You really wanna try these guys out and i promise you will never regret.

Avian A
Avian A
Our trip was beyond expectation
Our Uganda trip was merely beyond our expectations. Thank you to Anthony for planning and to our guide/driver/now friend Chris for being the best guide we could have hoped for.

Chris was the perfect guide. He was super informed, helpful and advised us on how to make the very most out of our itinerary at every stage. He was friendly, good-natured and an excellent driver. He told us a lot about Uganda's culture and its people. Not once did we feel unsafe the whole trip. His recommendations really made our trip.

The car we used and the lodges Anthony chose were clean and had very great food especially Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort.

We didn’t really know what to expect visiting Uganda, but it's truly one of the best trips we have done. While we had a structured itinerary, we were prepared to be flexible to take into account tips from Chris, and it really paid off.

Thank you, Anthony & Chris 🙂

Tinna D
Tinna D
Prompt response & Total satisifaction after 3 days Gorilla tour
Friendly Gorillas safaris was amazing. The Gorilla tour we had was amazing. Anthony was so prompt when it comes to reply to our inquiries. The selection of lodges and the choice of vehicle was rather impressive.

The extra romantic relaxationin Lake Bunyonyi was the best that can ever happen.

Bwindi Impenetrable and Lake Bunyonyi
A must for any wildlife enthusiastic. It was such an unforgetable experience. The trekking insearch for the gorillas started at the bwindi impenetrable forest consetvation meeting point with a wonderful traditional welcome by the staff. All trekkers were segregated in to groups of 08 and were assigned to a see a particular family of gorillas. Trekking took us around 03hr of ascending the steep mountains to finally spot the big gentle beasts. It was such a awesome sight to have experienced.

At the meeting point, for those who require assistance in ascending and descending the mountain during the trekking and to help with their back packs, you could request to hire a local residence for a minimum cost of US20/= who will assit you throughout. Hiking sticks are avaiable free of cost. There will be 04 rangers escorting the group in to the mountains and at the end of the trekking once back at the meeting point depending on how you would want to appreciate them you could tip the head ranger. Do not forget to collect your memorabilia. An official certification of gorilla trekking.

Lake bunyonyi was where I headed to thereafter it was such a pictureque site to see. I would recommand Arcadia Cottages, as this place is at the cliff of the mountain with the view of the lake. Every cottage has the lake view and the cottages were exceptional amazing. The staff too were great.

The tour and the permits for the gorilla trekking was arranged by a company named "car rental uganda" info@carrentaluganda.com. Contact name is Mike. I had to provide the payment upfont for the 01 day permit US600/= which was paid online. Once he had your permit arranged for the day you would want to do the trekking the rest of the itinerary is based on your request. Lake bunyonyi is a must.
I would place 100% of my trust in Mike and the guide/driver who was George.

Magnificent Safari Tour!
What a trip of a lifetime this was! We’ve been on the 9 Day Uganda Adventure tour and I cannot praise it enough! We had the best of accommodations, the food was delicious everywhere we went and every day was a different adventure in itself. We got to see the chimpanzees and gorillas from up close in their natural habitat, of course and been on amazing safaris that made us get a true taste of Africa and Uganda in particular. Many thanks to Anthony for the great organization of the tour and for his availability and swiftness in replying to my inquiries! Not the least, special shout out to Chris (one of the best guides I’ve met so far) – excellent driver, super accommodating with our requests, knowledgeable and responsible at all times. I highly recommend this tour and Chris most of all!


Care, professionalism, integrity, dedication and compassion are the prime values that fortify the business approach of Uganda Gorilla Tours. . As a strong, well established and reliable company, we guarantee quality, reliability and modest prices. Other core values of the company are exceptional customer service, innovation, availability, flexibility, and eco-tourism.


To deliver high quality and authentic African safaris, tours and guiding services across Uganda and the entire East African region. Uganda Gorilla Tours arranges tailor made tour packages that suit our traveler’s needs and budget.

“To outrank your safari expectation and offer you once-in-a-lifetime encounter at unbeatable cost”.


Quality & Affordable Tours

A high quality service at unmatched price. We have uniquely designed tour packages to fit upmarket, mid-range and lower budgets.

Tailor-made Tours

Designed with you in mind, our packages can be tailored or built completely from scratch to suit your needs. Why not contact us with your interests?

Excellent Local Knowledge

Our Team is made of friendly, knowledgeable, highly skilled and experienced tour guides in Uganda for magnificent encounters and memories.

Authentic Experiences

Our extensive experience and local expertise means we can take you to places rarely visited and those you have always dreamed of exploring.

Fast, Responsive & flexible.

Fast and accurate responses with our Uganda tour consultants to guide use as you plan your safari. We shall make possible adjustments.

Proven Record

In operation since 2016, we have enormous collection of satisfied clients over the years. Our reputation has earned us several referrals and returning clients.